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Νew MYF montly format - Greek POL

taxisnet MYFFor the transactions posted as of 1/1/2014 Greek companies are obliged to submit lists of tax documents on a monthly basis as per POL ministerial decision. The MYF report has to be issued on monthly basis according Law POL 1022/31.1.2014.The list contains summarized data of sent and received invoices, more specifically every entry that refers to invoices has Tax Id of the partner( AFM), period,number of invoices, Net Value, VAT Value.

Related Note from SAP has been issued for SAP ECC 6.0.

Hellenization SAP & new K.F.A.S. 2013

The mandatory usage of analytical ledger account 94 and the changes in legal documents, can be implemented in the Greek company by using the relevant standard Hellenization programs as follows:

  • A set of Greek G/L accounts should be created for the analytical ledger postings (linked to dummy international accounts)
  • Hellenization tables related to automatic account determination for Analytical ledger postings should be maintained,
  • New Month end procedures should be established for material valuation and analytical ledger postings, which will solve the problems we are facing with the different material prices per plant and
  • Print task codes should be reconfigured in order to correspond to the new regulations.